ICD 705

Physical Security: Lifecycle of a SCIF


The ICD 705 Physical Security Course: Lifecycle of A SCIF will prepare you to implement the requirements of the new ICD 705 series documents (ICD 705, ICS 705-1, ICS 705-2, and the ICD 705 Technical Specifications).


The course is designed using a SCIF lifecycle theme:

  • Phase I: Threat Definition and Planning

  • Phase II: Preliminary Construction Planning

  • Phase III: Design and Construction Requirements

  • Phase IV: Accreditation

  • Phase V: SCIF Operations and Management

  • Phase VI: Disposal of a SCIF

The course stresses comprehension and construction best practices and application of the ICD 705 series documents.


This course is designed for federal government, military, civilians, federal partners and government contractor personnel performing physical planning and implementation of SCI and SAP facilities.

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